Registered Charity No. 1121319

The Friends Group was set up in the late 1990’s to give the wider school community, particularly parents, the opportunity to have their views and ideas represented in ways which directly benefited every child.
The majority of its members are working mums with children attending the school. They are committed to spending the money that they raise on items or projects that will benefit all pupils across all areas of the curriculum.
FORPS is a member of The National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations and in 2007, the Friends Group became a Registered Charity.


We want to raise money to purchase equipment or fund events that benefit the whole school.
We want to enhance learning opportunities and provide pupils with different educational experiences which are both interesting and enjoyable.
We want the children to have fun.
We want to reinforce the relationships between teachers/staff, pupils and parents/guardians by bringing them together in support of the school.
We want to improve the links between the school and the local community, including local businesses, whenever possible.
We want our work to reflect the ethos and diversity of the school.
Interactive Whiteboards Benches and Picnic Tables
Dance Costumes Outdoor Playground Equipment
Environmental Studies for KS2 Musical Instruments
Indoor Play Equipment Gymnastics Equipment
Sponsorship of School child in India Line Applicator and Paint
FORPS has also supported various requests for assistance with funding school-initiated events, for instance:-
The School Football Team – Trip to Wembley


Meetings are informal. We plan/discuss events and decide how to spend the money that we raise.
Any parent or guardian who has a child at the school is welcome to attend.
The current committee consists of 7 members, including a member of staff, the Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
The committee meets on a THURSDAY 2/3 times each term:
7 – 8 pm in the COMMUNITY ANNEX

How To Contact Us

Contact a committee member directly, ask a member of staff or place your details in the FORPS POST BOX which is sited in the reception area, opposite the main school office.
Keeping Parents Informed
We send out notices and newsletters. We also use posters and the LCD Screen (next to the school office) to advertise events, dates of meetings and display information.
Please do get in touch if you can help us in any way.
We welcome new members, ideas for new projects and different, innovative ways to raise money as well as ‘helping hands’ at our events.
For more information, please refer to the FORPS INFORMATION GUIDE which is available for all to read and can be found next to the FORPS POST BOX in the reception area.
THANKS to everyone who has supported us: without your help, FORPS would be unable to achieve the majority of its objectives.
The Chair - on behalf of the Friends of Rickleton Primary School