Foundation Stage

Parents / carers are invited each year to come into school to watch a PhotoStory with their child. It’s a lovely opportunity to celebrate all of their children’s hard work and share in some of the experiences they have had. After watching the photo story the children spend time sharing their learning journey with their family and friends.


During the year parents /carers are also invited into the Foundation Stage to our parent workshops. These days are fun and creative. They also provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to work alongside their child within the setting. Take a moment to have a look at some of the parent workshops.



Rickleton Primary provides a lively and stimulating environment for children of all abilities. The setting operates on a two session day, each session taking a maximum of 26 children. There are two full time key practitioners in the nursery. The aim of the nursery is to engage the children in a range of activities that will promote physical, moral, social, cultural and academic development. In Rickleton Nursery we seek to make the learning experiences as enjoyable and as purposeful as possible encouraging your child to adopt a positive attitude towards learning in the school environment and in doing so raise their self esteem.

Emphasis is upon making the children feel secure, cared for and valued. Through structured play children are encouraged to make decisions, enjoy success and accept trial and error as part of the learning process. They are encouraged to become increasingly confident and independent showing mutual respect and developing relationships

Morning Session:          8:45 -11:45am
Afternoon Session:      12:30 -3:30 pm


Allocation of Nursery places in January is subject to the following set of criteria:

1. Age of the child (must be aged 3 before date of entry).

2. Looked After Child – in the care of the Local Authority or adopted (or become subject to a residence or special guardianship order).

3. Sibling links – an older sibling that shares the same parent/carer and lives at the same address who will still be attending at the time of admission.

4. Exceptional medical or psychological reasons – must be accompanied by a professional report and detail why this school is the only school that can meet the child’s needs.  Common medical complaints such as asthma or psychological reasons such as nervousness at starting school are unlikely to be accepted as exceptional.

5. All other pupils.

6. Distance from the school using GIS based on the shortest walking distance to the child’s home within all of the above categories.

7. Special Educational Needs.