Mission Statement

We are committed to providing a high quality education which promotes and sustains high standards and the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, intellectual and physical development of every child in our care.

In partnership with parents and the community we will strive to develop a secure, caring, welcoming environment in which each individual will feel happy, valued and respected and work towards personal success.


Aims of the school

Our aims are promoted by providing a secure, happy, caring, responsible community in which children can learn, be valued and respected as individuals, working towards achieving personal success.

To promote and sustain high standards.

To focus on teaching and learning.

To establish a culture of life long learning for all.

To create a supportive environment where everyone can acquire skills and knowledge which enablethem to respond to change.

To ensure clear roles, responsibilities and procedures so that everyone knows what is expected of themand others.

To ensure equality of opportunity for all and educational inclusion.

To ensure that everyone‛s contribution is valued.

To promote the development of numeracy and literacy.

To promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, social intellectual and physical development of each child in amanner that is challenging and enjoyable, and in an environment which is both stimulating and caring.

To develop children‛s self discipline so that they behave with care, courtesy, good manners and arespect for people and property.


To help children towards an awareness of Christian beliefs and values, and to develop respect and tolerance for the beliefs and values of other religions and cultures.