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Dear parents and carers,

I have been doing extensive research into local conditions for staff, and around Washington and particularly the state of roads and conditions at the school. Mr. Walters has been on the ground at the school.
The forecast remains for freezing temperatures and increasing high winds with snow flurries. The road to school is deep with frozen snow. The buses have not been going through and Mr Walters was stuck this mor...ning. All the local schools are also shut (although that is a minor part of the decision).
I can only raise a skeleton staff and I do not want to be responsible for sending staff, parents and pupils out into poor conditions early tomorrow morning. The police advice is not to travel unless absolutely necessary.
I do apologise for the continuing inconvenience but I hope you will appreciate the thinking behind my decision.

Mr Walters, myself and some staff will be onsite tomorrow to start digging out to see if we can get ready for Monday.

Have a safe weekend.

Mr Lofthouse