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Art and Design

At Rickleton we use a skills based approach. The children learn a range of skills that they refine and build on as they move through the school. As the children become confident with a skill, they then apply that skill to different projects, using their own ideas, imagination and individuality.


Throughout the school, children are encouraged to show off their creativity using a sketchbook style approach. The children can choose the structure and presentation of their pages.


Each project will consist of observational work, studying an artist or a new skill, then design work followed my creating something inspired by their studies. Finally, the children evaluate their own work and the work of others.

Intent, Implementation and Impact Statement

Still life artwork inspired by Paul Cezanne (linked to healthy diet for Olympians) in Year 2

Arts Award Club hosted an excellent exhibition to showcase their project based on Mary Poppins.

Year 4 used a range of different materials to create images of fire and waves

The Tall Ships Exhibition