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It has long been recognised that academic success is built upon a sound foundation of good attendance. As a school we have a shared legal responsibility with parents and carers to ensure that all children attend school regularly.


At least 97% attendance is the target set by the Department for Education, to encourage all children to reach their full potential.  Rickleton Primary uses ‘attendance zones’ to offer support, at an early stage, to those experiencing difficulties.


Red - below 91%    Amber - 92% - 96%     Green 97% - 100% 

Attendance is tracked on a weekly basis to monitor children within the above zones.

During the Autumn and Spring term, attendance is monitored and attendance which falls below 97% may be subject to a monitoring period.


We recognise and reward good attendance in a variety of ways at Rickleton Primary School. One example of that is a termly raffle with prizes. The names of pupils who have attained 100% attendance each week will be put into the prize draw – winners will be taken from each year group.




Weekly Attendance

Our whole school aim is to achieve 97% or higher attendance.  Each week we celebrate the class in each key stage with the highest attendance.


Termly Attendance Prize Winners


 The prizes for our Summer Term Attendance Raffle were a wide range of sports equipment! These included kites, a cricket set, swing ball, a waterslide and scooters.  The winners were:


Zach W - Nursery

Benjamin G - Nursery

Gary R - Reception

Harry B - Reception

Luke B - Year 1

Hibiki D - Year 1

Hannah H - Year 2

Ava M - Year 2

Archie B - Year 3

Angel K- Year 3

Nicholas S- Year 4

Grace N - Year 4

Lucas S - Year 4

Taylor D- Year 5

Callum M - Year 6





December's Attendance Prize Winners