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As a wider curriculum subject, geography is taught using a thematic approach. Children are inspired to build up their knowledge and skills each year through practical activities and discussion – recorded in a range of ways. Our hands-on approach includes fieldwork, developing observational skills, map work – including digital – and using compasses. Pupils enjoy effective educational visits, whilst also being able to expand their understanding of natural geography within the school grounds and nearby woods. Children are encouraged to recognise topographical features, compare climates and biomes, recall world geographical vocabulary and appreciate aspects of human geography, including settlement and land use, and economic activity such as trade links.

Our Geography curriculum

Geography at home

Geography is the science of the Earth’s surface, its atmosphere and spectacular features.

Here are simple ideas to help support your child’s geography learning at home:

• On longer trips, plan the journey together with a map and follow it as you go – pointing out interesting things you expect to see on the journey.

• On any journey, name features of local human and physical geography as you pass them – such as the River Wear, North Sea, Northern Spire or Stadium of Light.

• If you visit a new place, how is it the same and different from where you live?

• When reading a book, find out about the settings you encounter.

• If you have a favourite sports star, what was it like where they grew up? Ronaldo was born in Funchal, Portugal and Messi comes from Rosario, Argentina. Could you research those places?

• For KS2 children, taking an interest in news items really helps understanding how geography affects people’s lives – such as the volcano eruption in the Canary Islands volcano. vyf4j is a useful website for KS1 children helps children explore countries, capital cities and flags for countries on each continent. is packed with facts, games and quizzes.

KS2 children can explore more controversial topics, such as climate change and palm oil, at

Geography around school

We love learning geography!