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Late/Absence Procedures

To report your child late or absent, please call the school office on 0191 4155050 prior to the start of the school day at 8.55am.



Should a pupil be absent due to illness, please telephone the school office by 9am to notify us of the reason for absence. We would expect parents / carers to update us on a daily basis should it be an ongoing absence.

If we are not notified of the reason for absence, a text will be sent out requesting that the parent / carer telephone to update us. If there is no response to the text, the school office will make a follow up phone call that morning to parents / carers for a reason. If there is no notification by the parent / carer, the absence will be unauthorised. We may follow up with a home visit by our Pastoral Support Office.



Pupils arriving at school after the doors have closed at 8.55am should enter through the main entrance and school office staff will record their name, time and reason for lateness. A late mark is entered in the register. School will monitor lateness to look for patterns that may be of concern.

If pupils arrive after 9.30am, when teaching has commenced, they will be given an unauthorised late mark and this will show on their attendance as an absence for that session.