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Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation

To support our children in broadening their understanding and use of a wider range of vocabulary, we use Vocabulary Ninja.  This involves each class having a 'word of the day' which they apply in their writing once they understand how to use it accurately.  Sometimes this word is from our model text.



Parents ask us how they can support their child at home with spelling. It is vital children are learning the ten spellings given by their teacher each week. 


Home school contact book

It is important children learn the ten spellings given by their teacher each week. Other words in their home school contact book will be specific spellings children may have spelt wrong that week during lessons. It may also include vocabulary discussed that we are encouraging children to learn.


Statutory Spelling

It is essential that children can spell the statutory spellings and they are regularly revisiting them and those from previous year groups if they find them difficult.


Help at home

It is vital that support at home comes from looking at words that a child has found hard to spell or apply within the classroom through use of their home school contact book alongside the given words for the week. It is crucial children bring their home school contact book back to school each day so they can update it daily with any new words they have found hard to spell.


Spelling must be made fun, enjoyable and interesting! Children only really become good at spelling by practising over and over again and this is best done in fun and interesting ways.