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Spelling Shed

Each week, class teachers will set a list of words for the children to learn which will be the spellings they are quizzed on weekly. These will appear on the child’s home screen if set. If these specific words are not set, a child is still able to practise and play relevant spelling words for their year group. The stages reference the year group e.g. stage 2 = year 2. It is so important to keep revising previous year group’s spellings throughout a child’s spelling journey.


Additionally, class teachers may set topical words to practise or any words relevant for revision of previous rules etc. Furthermore, children can choose to access any spellings from their year group to help improve their spelling by clicking on more lists/ the relevant stage.




Children can choose to practise or play a game. They can also choose their own level of challenge.

The more a child practises, the higher their ‘Shed Score’ will be. We will have a weekly speller of the week announced during assembly to encourage children to enjoy practising spelling; they will receive a certificate.


Don’t forget there are many other fun ways to practise spelling!

*Make it in playdoh or slime.

*Rainbow write it

*Define it

*Write it backwards

*Pyramid build it

*Write it in funky writing