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Importance of Sleep

At Rickleton Primary School we understand the importance of our pupils getting a good nights sleep and the impact this can have on their learning. The following links offers advice and guidance for parents who need support at bedtimes.






Behaviour Policy

Rickleton Primary School understands the importance of promoting positive behaviour and creating an environment in which everyone feels happy, safe and secure. Therefore the school has an inclusive behaviour policy which is focused on promoting and recognising positive behaviour choices.  We have produced an information guide for parents about how the school's behaviour system works.

Home School Agreement

At Rickleton Primary School when a new pupil joins us, we ask that they, a parent and the school sign a home school agreement.  This outlines the school's expectations from parents and children and includes outstanding attendance, excellent behaviour and effective communication.  It also makes clear how the school will support the learning of all pupils in an inclusive and safe learning environment.


If you require a paper copy of any information available on our website, then please contact the school office.