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At Rickleton Primary School we follow the guidance of Sunderland Local Education Authority when considering new admissions to our school.  Click on the link below to visit the council website.


Our school policies for Nursery and Whole School admissions are available on our policies page at this link - Policies | Rickleton Primary School

Criteria for Allocation of Nursery Places

Allocation of Nursery places in January is subject to the following set of criteria:

1. Age of the child (must be aged 3 before date of entry).

2. Looked After Child – in the care of the Local Authority or adopted (or become subject to a residence or special guardianship order).

3. Sibling links – an older sibling that shares the same parent/carer and lives at the same address who will still be attending at the time of admission.

4. Exceptional medical or psychological reasons – must be accompanied by a professional report and detail why this school is the only school that can meet the child’s needs.  Common medical complaints such as asthma or psychological reasons such as nervousness at starting school are unlikely to be accepted as exceptional.

5. All other pupils.

6. Distance from the school using GIS based on the shortest walking distance to the child’s home within all of the above categories.

7. Special Educational Needs.


Requests for admissions for the school are dealt by the Schools Admissions Department at the Civic Centre.

Admissions are made on line via the  Sunderland LA web site
at the beginning of the school term.


Deadlines for admissions vary from year to year and prospective parents need to check the closing date.  Meetings take place during late September/early October for prospective parents to look around the school before making their final preference.

Children are normally admitted to school in the September of the academic year in which their fifth birthday falls, although they are not legally required to attend until the term of their fifth birthday.

All other places further up the school are dealt with by application to the Civic Centre. Details can be found at the web site as above or phone
0191 5611399
0191 5611425
0191 5611427
0191 5611447