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KS2 Families

In September 2023, we introduced 'KS2 Family' groups. Our 8 families are made up of a maximum of 30 children mixed with children from Y3 to 6.


Introducing Families had many purposes but particularly was designed to bring links between older and younger children which had been lost a little due to the year group 'bubbles' introduced during Covid times.


Family groups met at least once per half term, often linked to National events such as Safer Internet Day, World Book Day etc. They also work well as part of Collaborative Learning weeks when the whole school are studying the same topic.


Family competitions also encourage Families to work as a team to achieve a common goal and, by basing competitions on different subject areas across the year, allow pupils to practise and develop new skills they may not know they had. The mix of  ages also challenge older pupils to act as role models and mentors, with younger children benefiting from their guidance.


We have also seen benefits in the social and emotional support offered where younger pupils have been able to gain support around school from recognising familiar older faces. 

Our family competitions support children to work as a team and try a variety of skills. Points are always weighted to encourage participation to challenge children to try something new and give their time and effort to help their family succeed:


Family Competition Leader Board:


The winning family at the end of the academic year will enjoy a visit to the cinema.


1st Armstrong 25pts

2nd Attenborough 24pts

3rd Nightingale 22pts

4th King 20pts

5th Windsor 19pts

6th Rashford and Souter 17pts

8th Watts 16pts

Before we chose our family name, we looked at what a family was and how all families are different in many ways:

We thought long and hard about the role model we wanted to choose to create our family name. We thought about the values that person held and what they had achieved.

Family Crests - our families designed a crest to reflect the values they felt were most important to them.