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Rickleton Primary School

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Teaching    Lunchtime Supervisors  

Headteacher: Mrs Price

Deputy Headteachers: Mrs Couling and Miss Fisher

Assistant Headteachers: Mrs Wilson and Mrs S O'Connor

SENDCO: Mrs Wilson


Nursery: Mrs Wilson, Mrs O'Connor, Mrs Laidler and Mrs Robson


Reception: Mrs Meredith, Miss Ebdon, Miss L Johnson and Mrs Hallimond


Year One: Mrs S O'Connor, Mrs Holt, Mr Booler, Mrs C Johnson and Mrs Smith


Year Two: Mrs Hindson, Mrs Dhinsa and Mrs Hunter


Year Three: Mrs Banks, Mrs Croydon and Miss Young


Year Four: Miss Fisher, Mr Woodhead, Miss Chapplow


Year Five: Mrs Comrie, Miss Crozier and Miss Quinlivan


Year Six: Mrs Couling, Mrs Conway, Miss Patterson, Mrs Bogan and Mrs Burns

Mrs Britton

Mrs Clasper  

Miss Gardener

Mrs Hignett

Mrs Jamieson

Mrs Jones

Mrs Jordison

Mrs Kent

Mrs Ramshaw

Mrs Reay

Mrs Winship



Rickleton Plus


Rickleton Plus Manager: Mrs Smith

Rickleton Plus Staff: Ms Reid and Miss Gardener


Mr Melvin


School Business Manager: Mrs Walker

Administration Team: Mrs Dietz, Mrs Hubbick and Mrs Green