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Peer Mentors and Ambassadors

We are very proud of the work our older pupils do to support younger children across school with the learning and to develop socially and emotionally.


Children in Y6 apply to take on various roles, giving their time to work with others. This can take the form of Peer Mentoring, Active Break leaders, ICT and Reading support and even working as librarians to keep the library a pleasant and inviting environment.


The timetable below gives an idea of just how involved our older pupils are in helping around school.

Peer Mentor Impact

The work of our Peer Mentors is integral to school and offers massive benefit for both the other children they support, but also for the mentor themselves in the skills and traits they learn for future lives.


Peer Mentor work begins in Y5 where children write an application to take up the role when they reach Y6. The application has to be backed by an adult at home, giving an indicator of the importance of the role and the commitment required.


Selected pupils then receive training with Mrs Reid, who holds a mentorship qualification. The children work on skills of communication, observation and conflict resolution.


Peer Mentors are then assigned to different yards across school for break times. 


Other pupils are aware to look out for Peer Mentors who can offer support to resolve small problems, a listening ear when a child needs someone to talk to or simply a friendly face of someone feels lonely.


A very important part of a Peer Mentor's training helps them know when they should offer support to a child or when they need to report the problem to an adult.


We were delighted in 2022 that our Peer Mentors received a Sunderland Young Achievers award in recognition of their work.

Peer Mentor Training