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At Rickleton Primary School the children receive homework every week. We have a fortnightly rotation system where one week the children will be given a 'learning log' homework, which is where they will be given a theme and the children can represent this however they choose.  The following week they will receive a structured piece of work to complete which could be either literacy or numeracy based.  Staff will alter the rotation depending on what the children are learning in class and what type of homework is suited that week.


We also encourage parents and carers to hear their children read on a daily basis as this is vital in supporting our pupils with their learning.  In addition, helping your child learn their spellings and multiplication tables ensure they have secure knowledge which they can use in their work.


Please ask your child's class teacher if you would like any further advice on how to support your child at home.

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Jenna and Emily have enjoyed writing a trilogy at home. It is called 'That shark' and is about a shark who is bulied for being a vegetarian. Well done girls!
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Jack in Class 12 has enjoyed writing his own adventure trilogy at home.  What an exceptional writer! We look forward to the next instalment...