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Peer Mentors (Anti-bullying Team)

Due to COVID 19 bubble restrictions our Peer Mentors can no longer work with the whole school in their normal way but do not worry!


Our Worry Monsters are available in every classroom, you can feed them your worries or problems anytime. These are checked regularly and a member of staff who will support you.


Don’t forget all staff are here to listen to a worry or concern.


Rickleton Primary School has a Peer Mentor Team.  They work on the playground each day at the peer mentor station, helping to support pupils in our school with any issues they have. We meet regularly with Mrs K O'Connor, Miss Patterson and Mrs Reid to discuss how the mentoring support is going and address any issues.  


Anti-Bullying Celebration Event 2017

Well done to the Rickleton Peer Mentors for being highly commended for the Anti-Bullying work they do.  They received the award at the Council Chambers from the Mayor. 


Anti-Bullying Celebration Event 2016

The Peer Mentors were invited to the Council Chambers to collect an award.  We won the award for the most innovative Anti-Bullying Team throughout Sunderland. The children who attended created a presentation to show what we do in school. 



Peer Mentor Training


The Peer Mentors had to apply for their position and gain references from their parent/carers. They were then trained by a member of the Peer Mentoring and Befriending Society. The training involved role-play to work out how they would deal with different scenarios.